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Video Hologram Holographic Portraits 

Michigan Action Sports Photography - TCP Photography - DeWitt/Lansing Photographer 

We're taking portraits to the next level by transforming you into a hologram!

After a session at our studio, you can view your holographic portrait using the provided video on a phone, tablet, or laptop, and a holographic "pyramid". Impress your friends with your personalized "4D hologram"!

There are unlimited options for your holographic portrait! You could ...

Check out samples here, and be the life of the party with video holograms of Tom's crazy skills! (He's a little weird... sorry!)

Contact us today to schedule your holographic portrait session. If you have an idea but you're not sure how exactly to pull it off, we'd be glad to help you work it out. And if you need a holographic pyramid, we have those, too!





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