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Michigan Action Sports Photography 

Michigan Action Sports Photography - TCP Photography - DeWitt/Lansing Photographer 

Our passion and experience with a variety of sports makes TCP the only choice to photograph your next sporting event. Having played sports for many years, photographer Tom Pearson is able to anticipate key plays and catch those great moments for you.

Relax and Watch the Game!

You may have a great camera, but wouldn't you rather watch and enjoy your child's game rather than running around, worrying about getting good shots? If you'd like us to photograph a specific event, player, or set of players, you can hire our photographer to focus on your player and get tons of great images!

If you see TCP at a game or event, be sure to check a day or two after the event to view the images and purchase prints.

"I KNOW that Tom is a great sports photographer - one might say the BEST - but I REALLY want to shoot the game ... but I only know how to use the Auto settings"

Then bring Tom along!!! If you would like a hands-on sports photography and camera lesson, Tom can guide you to use the right settings for the sport and teach you to use those settings to your advantage.

"What aperture do I use? What shutter speed do I use? What ISO do I use? ----- NO, WAIT A SECOND, WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS ANYWAY?!?!?" Nice cameras are relatively inexpensive these days and but what good is a nice camera if you can't photograph your son during a night football game or your cheerleading granddaughter in a gym, and get a sharp image with good composition?

For the cost of a cup of coffee (okay, a $50 cup of coffee), Tom will meet with you before your athlete's game, go over some basic settings that you'll be using during the game, and be there to guide you throughout the game if you have questions. For an additional cup of coffee (wink-wink), Tom will bring his equipment and shoot right next to you, with his images being offered to you for printing at a discounted price.

For your personal sports photography lesson, contact Tom at least a few weeks before the event to make sure we're available.

Action Sports Portfolio
Contact us today for more information about TCP Action Sports Photography or to have TCP photograph your event!





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